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Newgen Microbe Guard Hospital Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant

Newgen Microbe Guard Hospital Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant is TGA registered (ARTG: 338731). It is also listed as one of the approved disinfectants for use against COVID-19 virus –  ARTG for legal supply in Australia.

It is widely acknowledged that the environment and surfaces are a significant source of microbiological contamination, a major vehicle for harmful microorganisms to cause infection, and cross infection. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae can all form biofilm that can form resilience to current hygiene practices, including cleaning and disinfection.

After applying Newgen Microbe Guard disinfectant, a strong antimicrobial coating is bonded to the surface killing up to 99.99% of harmful germs.

Newgen Microbe Guard, has been tested against the Covid-19 surrogate, Bovine Coronavirus, and has shown to be effective at >99.99%. This product is currently listed on ARTG list of disinfectants for use against COVID-19.

Newgen Microbe Guard uses next generation technology that does not require any special precautionary considerations unlike other more toxic and corrosive biocides.

The formula is non-toxic, water-based and alcohol-free, making it safe to use and store in home and office environments.

Newgen Microbe Guard can be applied on to hard surfaces such as tiles, glass, metal, timber, plastic, leather, mobile devices and touch screens.

Please follow the instructions for use and apply liberally to all targeted surfaces, allowing for a drying time of up to 10 minutes to ensure the molecular bonds have sufficient time to form.

For mobile devices and touch screen applications, apply Newgen Microbe Guard Surface Spray Disinfectant onto a microfibre cloth or non-woven wipe and wipe down the surface intended for disinfection. Leave until dry. Do not spray directly onto these delicate surfaces.

For commercial/technical applications, industry specific protocols for spraying and/or fogging are recommended and can be provide upon request.

CovidgenCare Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant

Unlike traditional sanitisers that kill bacteria with high concentrations of alcohol and toxic chemicals, the skin friendly CovidgenCare Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant deploys a mechanical kill mechanism rather than a skin drying chemical mechanism.

This is unique when compared to common alcohol based hand sanitisers that require re-application every 2 – 3 minutes, or even more frequently dependent upon environmental touch areas.

No. CovidgenCare Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant is dermatologically tested, toxic-free, water-based, alcohol-free and suitable for all skin types.

Unlike other hand sanitisers containing up to 75% alcohol causing chapping and dryness of the skin, CovidgenCare Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant is a mild but effective formulation.

On application, CovidgenCare24 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant leaves hands soft and moisturised.

No. Our formula does not contain bleach or other harsh chemicals that can damage clothes or surfaces.

Yes, the CovidgenCare Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant formula has been tested in many approved and accredited laboratories globally – including Australia, Asia and Europe.

CovidgenCare - Touch-Free Automatic Hand Dispenser

The CovidgenCare Touch-Free Automatic Hand Dispenser is aligned to best practices for infection control. Our automatic dispenser has sensor enabled technology for touch free applications.

Modern and elegant designed to be positioned in all common areas including receptions, households, and high traffic areas. The dispenser can be wall mounted, and also comes in both desktop and freestanding models.

Simple to use, choice of 2 dispensing volumes, refillable with the flexibility to position anywhere as it can be operated either by batteries or electrical wall powered outlets.

The bottle within the dispenser is refillable providing cost savings through the purchase of bulk refillables, whilst also minimising waste and having a positive environmental impact.

The dispenser has been thoroughly tested with the CovidgenCare Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant solution. To ensure warranty compliance, please use with our solution only as we cannot guarantee performance in use with other solutions due to viscosity and tests performed.

The modern and efficient CovidgenCare Touch-Free Automatic Hand Dispenser together with the CovidgenCare Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser & Protectant solution provides the ideal protection for all customers and commercial businesses in assisting with infection prevention whilst reducing the risk of skin irritation via regular applications.

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